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16th Avenue

Lacy J. Dalton country

From the cor-ners of the coun-try
from the ci-ties and the farms
with years and years of li-ving
tucked up un-der-neath their arms

they walked a-way from e-very-thing
just to see dream come true
so god bless the boys who make the noise
on 16 th a-ve nue-With a mil-lion dol-lar spi-rit
and an old flat-top gui-tar
they drive to town with all they own
in hun-dred dol-lar car

cause’one time some-one told them
a-bout a friend of a friend they knew
who owns you know a s-tu-di-o
on 16 th a-ve-nue

now some were born to mo-ney
they’ve ne-ver had to say “sur-vive”
and o-thers swing a 9 pound ham-mer
just to stay a-live

there’s cow-boys drunks and chris-tians
mos-tly whi-te and black and blue
they’ve all dia-led the phone col-lect to home
from 16 th a-ve-nue

ah, but ten one night in some emp-ty room
where no cur-tains ever hung
like li-ke mi-ra-cle some gol-den words
rolled of a some one’s tongue

and af-ter years of be-ing no-thing
they’re all loo-king rigt at you
and for a whi-le they’ll go in sty-le
on 16 th a-ve-nue

it loo-ked so u-ne-vent-ful
so qui-et and dis-creet
but a lot of lives where changed
down in that lit-tle one way street

cause they walk a-way from e-very-thing
just to see a deam come true
so go-d bless the boys who make the noise
on 16 th a-ve-nue